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About Schwartz Law Firm

With in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of professions, industries and business practice areas, including health care, manufacturing, marine electronics, and professional services, we look to provide counsel for the ever-challenging business/legal world. We provide zealous and cost-efficient representation to our clients.

Our attorneys build lasting relationships with our clients to address the business and legal issue at hand while planning for long-term success. Licensed to practice in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Arizona, we can provide representation throughout the region as necessary to meet our clients’ needs.

Principals of Success

Whether it be the avoidance of litigation all together, resolving litigation early via the use of alternative dispute resolution, or ultimately successfully prevailing in litigation through the use of motion practice, court trial, jury trial, arbitration, or an appellate appeal, our attorneys have the experience necessary to guide you through the process from start to finish.


Having fought on behalf of our clients for a combined 50 plus years, our attorneys know what it takes to succeed.


Schwartz Law Firm has been recognized by our clients and peers as fierce trial attorneys who zealously protect our clients’ rights.

Focused on You

We approach your case as if it is the most important case pending – because it is for you and that is how we would wanted to be treated.

Principals of Success

A Qualified Team of Professionals

With our office in Minnesota, our team is ready to assist you in your legal matter pending in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa or Arizona.