Construction Litigation

Construction Litigation

Any construction project involves three different aspects, and those are engineering, infrastructure, and construction. All these ever-changing industries need synchronization to  complete the project on a deadline. This requires proper synchronization and teamwork among different departments to complete a project. This is where our construction lawyers can help you out. With their extensive experience, over different stages of a project like the life-cycle planning, finance, development, design, construction, and closeout, we can guide you at every step. Our lawyers use their legal and niche experience to help you draft and complete the project goals on projects, all in a bid to help you minimize disputes and achieve your goals. 

Construction Negotiation and Project Support 


Our legal services start from the procurement and contract strategy stage itself. We help our  clients analyze the pre-bid specifications, the bid contracts, and the finance negotiations. We  help them with paperwork that requires contract drafting, insurance, and other legal support. 

Financing and Development of Construction Projects


No construction project is complete without dealing with unique legal and commercial  requirements. This involves stages like structuring, developing, operating, and making the  project economically viable. All this must be done keeping the legal rules and regulations in  mind. Our lawyers have extensive experience in each of these stages, which can help you  from the stage of project development up to project closure. 

Construction Negotiations 


Contract negotiation is a critical stage of a construction project. Our lawyers help you  with contract negotiations about the bids, procurement, structuring of the contacts, project  delivery, and every other detail mentioned in the contract. We help you from the preparation  of the contracts up to the negotiation. 

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