Derivative member litigation success in Carver County (Minnesota)!

Case No. 10-CV-20-155 in Carver County involved competing claims against members of a Minnesota limited liability company conducting business in Michigan for breaches of fiduciary duty and usurpation of corporate opportunities. The Defendants also asserted a litany of counterclaims against the Plaintiffs.

Representing the Plaintiffs, Schwartz Law Firm successfully obtained dismissal of all counterclaims against the Plaintiffs and obtained three separate judgments against the Defendants totaling $1,096,003.46 ($1,011,086.23 against the competing entity, $75,917.23 against a former employee, and $9,000.00 against a former employee). The lawsuit involved both direct and derivative claims, was highly contentious, and resulted in favorable judgments for the Plaintiffs and all of the Defendants’ claims being dismissed with prejudice.

Congratulations to the Plaintiffs!

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